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Read more about MRI Scan, procedure, purpose, risks and MRI Scan cost in Delhi NCR. A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan is a test process where powerful and controlled magnetic fields, radio waves and computer technology combine to produce highly detailed pictures of the inside of the human body.
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    Prostate Cancer: A ‘serial killer’.

    Prostate Cancer? is the 3rd, and final, the disorder of the pancreas. The fifth most common type of cancer in the world today, prostate cancer tends to occur in men who are above a certain age. This age can start at 45, although over 75% of recorded cases have happened to men who are past 65. According to available data, prostate cancer is the second most frequently occurring cancer in men in the world. Every year, the disease claims over 4 million lives – and this number is growing fast. Prostate cancer is also the sixth leading Causes of Cancer? deaths in men, and by 2020, it is expected to experience the highest proportionate rise amongst all cancer cases.

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